Dedicated to upholstered furniture and bedding machinery industry

Open polyester fiber raw material, fill the fresh opened fiber into cushion and pillows, save labor cost, high efficiency.

Using high tech control system and weighing sysetm, opening fiber raw material, get accurate weight, filling into pillow/cushions automatically.

Used for pillows and sofa backrest, cushions flat compression and rolling packing. Reduce transportation cost, improve work efficiency, safe and reliable.

Fully automatic / semi-automatic pillow/cushion/duvet rolling packing, pillow/cushion/duvet rolling flat pressing High tech, intelligent line

Fully automatic sewing pillow / cushion cases. High speed, reliable performance

Carry the fiber into fiber opening machine, make fiber evenly distributed Saving labor and improving efficiency.

Foam shredder is mainly used for the crushing foam / latex waste into small pieces, reprocessing of sponge leftover materials.

Provide other auxiliary equipment for upholstery production.